Honoring lives since 1873

For more than 147 years, families have entrusted us with the privilege of honoring the lives of their departed loved ones with serene meticulously-maintained grounds that offer a full array of memorial options and services.

We welcome you to walk the 13 tranquil acres that comprise Grove Cemetery. Founded in 1873, Grove continues to thrive and expand today with adequate capacity for many years to come.  

Grove has been and continues to be non-denominational and welcomes all who would be buried in its peaceful grounds either in as full burial or as cremated remains.  Grove Cemetery is also a non-profit organization which is managed by the Association’s board of trustees.

We are happy to assist genealogists and others doing research. You can begin by using our Search Records page.   Please note that Grove is staffed by volunteers and we will do our best to respond in a timely manner.

Please contact us  with other questions or for more information.


Grove Cemetery Association Inc. of Quaker Street is a private, non-profit organization.

As all well maintained cemeteries can attest to,  general maintenance (landscaping, controlling vegetation), insurance, marker conservation, and headstone maintenance are constant costs.   We have been fortunate to have two expert volunteers keep costs down by grading our roads, push back our dirt piles, straighten the older fallen stones, and clean up fallen trees when ever necessary.  Again, it is those knowledgeable volunteers with their own equipment and our dedicated superintendent that have helped keep our cemetery a place to be proud of. Unfortunately for the cemetery association, one of those faithful volunteers has relocated to Florida.  So, your help is needed and greatly appreciated in this fund raising endeavor.  With your help, Grove Cemetery will continue to be well maintained and will thrive and grow.

You can view and download a donation form HERE.  

Thank you for your support.

The Trustees of Grove Cemetery